Cashgame, just to bad


Switched to K2 Theme, and i’m loving it, although it’s still in beta stage.. It’s created by Michael Heilemann and Chris J Davis and got some realy nice features.. go check it out?!

Nintendo video floor

Novice play

As mentioned in an earlier post, i signed up for PokerInside, and been playing for some time, at one of their poker rooms where i earn rakeback from, called CDpoker

Overall it’s a average poker site, not many people there, 2000-3000 players at max, when I’ve been around, nothing special. 

I’ve although kept playing there, because I seam to be winning there overall. Been playing a lot of Texas Hold’em NL tournaments there, especially their “Jackpot Sit N Go” tournaments. They have a few of them, the one I’ve been sticking to have a $75.000 jackpot if you win 5 tournaments in a row. Been up to winning 3 in a row, but played like crap in the 4th tournament. 

Also noticed that the average skill of the players are a bit lower than some of the more established placed I’ve played at, and of course I’ve also gotten a bit better at playing, but overall it suites me well at this stage, as a novice hold’em player, trying to learn the game.